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What is a Double Goal Coach?

"A Double Goal Coach strives to win but also recognizes that in order to win he or she needs to develop positive character in players, so they can be successful in life."

The Real Damage Bullying Coaches Can Inflict on Kids

"This isn’t to say that coaches should be soft or easy. But there’s a clear line between expecting a lot from kids and being abusive. “It’s good to be’s just not OK to be a bully."

Youth sport: positive and negative impact on young athletes

"It appears that an emphasis on fun while establishing a balance between physical fitness, psychologic well-being, and lifelong lessons for a healthy and active lifestyle are paramount for success."


It is the responsibility of the coach to:
  1. Promote good sportsmanship by setting a positive example while coaching your athletes.

  2. Respect the integrity and judgement of the sports officials.

  3. Approach competition as a healthy and constructive exercise, not as a life and death struggle that requires victory at any price.

  4. Recognize that the participants in individual or team sports are young men and women with human frailties and limitations who are capable of making mistakes. 

  5. Refrain from the use of crude or abusive language with players, opponents, officials or spectators. 

  6. Instruct the players in the elements of good sportsmanship and remove players from competition who demonstrate unsportsmanlike behavior. 

  7. Avoid behavior that will incite players, opponents or spectators. 

  8. Avoid and eliminate negative comments to radio, TV and newspaper reporters. 

  9. Avoid the use, misuse and negative influence of drugs, including alcohol and tobacco.